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Selling ZACA medicine cabinets to The Home Depot

Selling ZACA medicine cabinets to The Home Depot

I told the Depot Merchant that I had a great new item to show her and I know she had to be a bit skeptical when she heard medicine cabinet because I was too at first introduction, but she was good enough listen more and we scheduled a meeting at the Store Support Center in Atlanta. 

ZACA medicine cabinets have a patented shelf system that allows more customization of the shelves and results in better utilization of the space-upwards of 35% in most cases-which is big in a such a small and typically overused area. They are completely rust free-not an ounce of metal in the entire unit. Traditional designs have an orange magnet(Well not really but usually rusted) and a gigantic piano hinge that also is a familiar home for rust and just look nasty.

Traditional styles have 2 or 3 glass shelves and ZACA 26" tall models have 6 high quality poly adjustable shelves. When the traditional metal cabinets are made of metal, the shelf supports are made by punching the metal on the side of the unit inwards to create a shelf lip that then exposes the wall cavity air into the medicine cabinet. Not sure about y'all I'm not a fan of fiberglass insulation and whatever else is in the wall spaces being open to my medicine and toothbrush! Poly or plastic traditional styles are very cheap and usually the shelves are not adjustable. 

In short, traditional styles of medicine cabinets have issues that we have become accustomed to and accept-they rust, are not readily adjustable, have fragile glass shelves, and are not sealed from wall cavity contaminants. The patented ZACA design fixes all of those problems and more!

So when meeting day arrived it was quite a surprise as I went through all the things that make ZACA better. As I finished a quick rundown of all the design improvements she stopped me short of finishing the introduction and said "Yes-These are great and I want to try them in store." She had already looked at the material I sent in advance and loved them immediately. I've never had a merchant show that much interest as fast -EVER! It was maybe ten minutes into the meeting. 

It has been quite a story and we have been through 2 merchants and several resets so far. Currently at retail stores you can find the ZACA innovation in over 150 Home Depot stores throughout California, in the Home Depot brand Glacier Bay. We have 3 models there- GB11, GB21, and GB22-our top 3 sellers. They are also available on Amazon,,, and here on of course. 

Our sales continue to grow and we continue to work on growing our Home Depot business beyond California. We would love your support and your sharing this great solution with your friends. ZACA is made in USA, by a small family run business with a great story spanning 3 generations which I will share with y'all shortly on this blog. 

Till then, be safe!





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