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Snake Snare Box with Scent and Net Loads

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Eve's Revenge Snake Box is a revolutionary device that attracts and entangles snakes for more controlled disposition. This simple long-lasting outdoor snake control solution is more thorough, and out does other methods of control like moth balls, spray repellents, and other ground-trapping systems. Each Snake Snare Box includes the box housing, the entrapment netting, and (3) sets of cover net and attractant wicks. The wicks simulate snake pheromones and attract the snakes into the enclosure where the netting entangles them for proper disposition. Typical installations place the box on property perimeter, secured by the landscape stakes as provided and the scented wicks release the attractant through the edge vents on the Snake Snare Box to any surrounding snakes. After each successful event, the install a new attractant wick, replace the entanglement netting, and install a new cover net for repeated use.

  • Easy to install and monitor
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Kit includes Snare Box, Entanglement netting, (3) attractant wicks, (3) cover nets, (4) landscape placement stakes
  • Place near property perimeter
  • Works on all snakes species and sizes
  • Perfect for residential and commercial applications
  • Made from materials sourced from US-based companies
  • Entanglement system allows for multiple disposition options
  • Pheromone attractant is effective on male and female snakes
  • For larger areas use multiple Snake Snare Boxes