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Foam Fresh Organic Foaming Cleaner 10oz.

by Nisus
SKU FF10oz

Eliminate organic-based odors and organic buildup the same as professional pest control technicians. Foam Fresh is the most powerful bio-remedial odor eliminating foam on the market today. Simply spray Foam Fresh onto the source of the odor and watch the foaming action go to work. Triple Action Foam Fresh has 3-modes of action - First Foam Fresh replaces nasty odors with a pleasant fresh scent. Second the foam encapsulates the odor molecules to reduce the creation of new odor and third Foam Fresh 7-strains of microbes go to work actually consuming the organic matter that causes the odor. These microbes actually double in population every 20 minutes and continue consuming the organic matter until it is gone. When their food-supply is gone the microbes break down into CO2 and water. Foam Fresh contains no bleach or ammonia no harsh chemicals. Foam Fresh is biodegradable, non-caustic and non-pathogenic. Foam Fresh Bio-Remedial action leaves a pleasant scent in place of the offensive odor which dissipates shortly after treatment.