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BrushTank-Paint Brush Cleaner

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Quick, fast, and clean hands-Introducing BrushTank. Place the BrushTank unit at the bottom of any clean 5 gallon bucket and fill with water to approximately 1 over the top of the unit(Roughly 3 of water). The BrushTank unit fits tightly in the bottom of the bucket with the cleaning fingers upright.To clean a brush - simply rake the bristles over the cleaning fingers and watch the paint leave the brush and float to the bottom. The cleaning fingers work through the bristles and knock off the paint so you dont have to reach into the paint and water. The same water can be used many times and you can leave the brush upright in the fingers to keep the brush fresh and ready for more use. No need to reach into the water or onto the brush as BrushTank does all the work so you stay clean.

  • Works with all types of brushes
  • Works on multiple colors and many times to save water and mess
  • Easy to use
  • Uses and standard 5 gallon bucket
  • Keeps hands cleaner
  • Great for Pro's and DIY'ers
  • Preserve and maintain your painting brushes

To see BrushTank in use Click Here