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Penashield Wood Treatment and Preservative (with FREE Foam Fresh)

by Nisus

PenaShield is an EPA Registered Clear Wood Preservative.
The ready-to-use formula is easy to apply - brush, roller, or low pressure sprayer are best.

PenaShield can be used interior or exterior.

For Interior use- PenaShield is a powerful EPA Registered solution to protect wood against termites and decay. It's low odor ready to use formula is designed to apply directly on to unsealed wood. It is great during remodels, when roofing, or any other construction project where termites are of concern. It is also EPA listed as defense against wood destroying fungi-(rot). PenaShield will last the life of the wood on interior use.

For Exterior Use-PenaShield is great for decks, patios, fences, and other outdoor structures. EPA registered to defend against WDO's(Wood Destroying Organisms)  including subterraean and drywood termites, wood boring beetles, carpenter ants and decay fungi, PenaShield is a go solution for project longevity. Apply PenaShield to unsealed wood and then paint or stain as normal(PenaShield is non staining and compatible with oil or water based coatings), then seal the wood for the ultimate in protection. PenaShield will last as long as the exterior use lumber remains sealed.

The active ingredient in PenaShield is a borate mineral salt which sets PenaShield apart from competitors in that the mineral salt will not break down over time like other synthetic chemicals. Whenever you're working with wood, whether it's projects or repairs, always use PenaShield to protect the wood.