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Waxelene Organic Skincare Ointment .25oz. + 2oz. (FREE liptube)

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We'd love for you to at least try our product and we want to give you every opportunity to do just that. This offer is a Live Oak Hardware exclusive and so if you think you might like to try Waxelene, now is the perfect time. No pressure, we just want to create avenues that are easiest for our customers.

Waxelene is an all-organic multi purpose ointment that moisturizes, protects, and nurtures dry skin. It isn't like other skincare products; Waxelene is petroleum free while offering the same breathable waterproof barrier that other products do. Waxelene has a simply formula, just four simply ingredients: organic soy oil, organic beeswax, vitamin E oil, organic rosemary oil. These natural components all come together to make a celebrity recommended product that is of the highest quality. Your skin is natural, caring for it should be too.

If you're confused as to why a store named Live Oak Hardware is selling skin care products. Read our blog here where the owner, Gus, explains how we got started doing what we do.